Re: Basic question: types of diacritics marks

Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 17:19:49 EDT

On 07/19/2002 02:35:54 PM Eric Muller wrote:

>One other factor to consider is what behaviour you want when people copy
>from, say, a PDF file: a font could have a single GID for 00B4 and 02CA --
>i.e. the cmap maps both these USVs to the same GID -- but then that would
>create a problem for text being copied from PDF.
>Just for the record, this is a property of the PDF *creator* rather than a

>property of the PDF *format*. Granted, most PDF creators are not as good
as one
>may wish.

I've little knowledge of PDF creators. I'm working with the understanding
that (in the absense of a creator having added any glyph > char mapping),
the characters would be inferred (at least by Acrobat) from the Postscript
names of the glyphs in the PDF. Thus, if two characters correspond to one
Postscript name, then they can't both be round-tripped when copying from
Acrobat. I can easily believe that the creator is a factor in this.

- Peter

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