Re: Hebrew support in Office.X

From: Bertrand Laidain (
Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 02:46:00 EDT

There's a serie of article about that in The Register site. And as you
can read Office for the Mac never supported Hebrew nor Right to Left.


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>There's a debate going on on the Yahoo Hebrew Computing list
>( some people are insisting that
>Office.X for the Mac cannot handle
>Hebrew script, while others are insisting that it can. (I don't recall
>whether those that say it can have indicated that this is with Unicode / a
>standard encoding as opposed to some custom font hack.) At any rate, it's
>rather in need of a definitive answer from an authoritative source -- the
>people that were looking for guidance are only getting more confused.
>Can anybody from Apple or from MS's Mac division (is there such a person
>here?) tell me definitively whether any version of Office for the Mac
>supports Hebrew, and, if so, whether this includes pointing or accents
>(te'amim / cantillation marks), and also whether this assumes any
>particular codepage?
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