RE: Proposal (was: "Missing character" glyph)

Date: Tue Aug 06 2002 - 15:18:43 EDT

On 08/06/2002 01:00:47 PM "Carl W. Brown" wrote:

>> > Many fonts such as
>> >TrueType are encoded in Unicode even if the text is in code page.
>> Euro
>> >would always be x'0020AC' even if you are running a Widows code page
>> with the
>> >Euro mod.
>> Yes, but if the software is using an old codepage, e.g. the original
>> codepage 1252, then 0x80 will be getting mapped in the codepage
>> to U+0080,
>> and that is what will be retrieved from the font. My point still stands.
>If the font cmap is Unicode encoded, then the print system must convert
>to Unicode first.

Yes, precisely. And if the definition of 1252 on the system is old (which
is the kind of thing I understood your illustration to mean) then the 0x80
in the data will get converted to "Unicode" as U+0080.

- Peter

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