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From: Michael Everson (everson@evertype.com)
Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 16:22:45 EDT

At 20:10 +0200 2002-08-27, Philipp Reichmuth wrote:

>But there you don't get a recent easily installable Unicode version,
>except for one for MacOS X Server.

Well you could complain to me. :-)

>The version for download there has
>discouraging remarks such as "Yet means as of 1996-06-02".

Yes, ALL of those were back when I was making individual 8-bit fonts
for each of the tables in Unicode. It wasn't possible to do better.
Now it's possible to do better....

I do not know whether my fonts will work on Windows, but a new Mac OS
version will be up shortly.

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