Re: ISRI SoEuro has just been created!!

Date: Fri Sep 06 2002 - 16:46:16 EDT

>Yes—you can, but only on Windows 2000/XP, BeOS, Linux, and Mac operating systems. What's still needed was a suitable Latin-3-based 8-bit codepage to enable Windows 95/98/ME and DOS users to do the very same thing (typing in Maltese and Esperanto, that is)!!

And I can use UTF-8 on recent versions of just about every Un*x system, and IBM mainframes, and anything that's had a serious update in the last few years. Only dead and dying systems can't use UTF-8.

>Users and speakers (especially) of the languages ISRISEO covers (Maltese, Esperanto, Turkish, Catalan, Galician, Azarbeyjani) would welcome the new encoding, and would employ it almost immediately!!

You're sure? Esperantists won't - they generally either use an ASCII transliteration in a local charset, or use UTF-8, even where Latin-3 is available, at least in my experience. I doubt anyone else on your list will - they've found solutions that work for them already.

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