Re: ISRI SoEuro has just been created!!

From: Anto'nio Martins-Tuva'lkin (
Date: Fri Sep 13 2002 - 14:04:21 EDT

On 2002.09.12, 10:00, William Overington
<> wrote:

> One practical use of this code page which occurs to me is as follows.
> Suppose that on a Windows 95 PC, (I am preparing this email on a
> Windows 95 PC), suppose that someone wishes to produce a graphic which
> includes the words of an Esperanto poem or song, the graphic being
> prepared using the Paint program.

William, having used Windows95 for seven years now to create most of
everything I ever typed in Esperanto in that period, I can asure you
that whatever ISRI SoEuro does I could and would do with Latin3.

The only edge ISRI SoEuro seems to have ahead of Latin3 is additional
coverage for some chars -- this is however balanced back by the fact
that Latin3 is a long established standard (even if seldom implemented)
while ISRI SoEuro is not.

In this day and age anyone computer-clever enough to successfully
install a new code page would not get to the trouble to looking towards
ISRI SoEuro or any other 8-bit encoding scheme, rather would have
installed in s/his Win95 (or whatever unicode-impaired system) any sort
of automatic conversion into rtf or txt, like I did in my machine
(Portuguese in Latin1 and Esperanto in Latin3 dont mix togheter too

I'm sure this issue is as dead as any 8-byte codepage. After all we're
talking of a prospective market of computer-clever maltese, galician,
turkish, and azeri esperantists running (and willing to invers in)
Windows 95 and kin -- that should be about a dozen people, tops. We're
all wasting our time with this.

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