Comma below, cedilla, and Gagauz

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Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 09:08:09 EDT

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    Wonder of wonders, as predicted, the question of what Gagauz users
    prefer for their language has arisen.

    Currently I am giving some lectures on Unicode and related subjects
    at a European Summer School (Electronic Publishing for Cultural
    Heritage Studies) in Bulgaria. Among the participants is Miglena
    Ivanova, a native-speaker of "Bulgarian Turkish", or Gagauz. (Gagauz
    is about as different from Turkish as Bulgarian is from Serbian.)

    Interestingly, in Miglena's work she has identified a few elements of
    Trubetzkoy's transcription system which are absent from the Unicode
    standard. We will be looking into this in more detail in due course.

    Naturally I asked Miglena about the preference Gagauzi have for
    writing their language. We looked at a number of publications; one of
    the most interesting displayed a Turkic c-cedilla, a Romanian
    t-comma-below, and then an s whose glyph was more or less a
    compromise between the two. I'm told that a team of researchers in
    Moldova worked on this issue including development of a font.

    We will be pursuing this question with specialists in Gagauz to
    determine what the appropriate encoding (s-cedilla or s-comma-below)
    is for their language.

    I'm sure you're all as pleased as I am about this.... ;-)

    Best regards from thundery Sofia,

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