script or block detection needed for Unicode fonts

From: chuck clemens (
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 15:54:55 EDT

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    I was reading the thread "glyph selection for Unicode in browsers" and
    wanted to pass on my reply to Mark's email. Since my query is related to
    the topic of glyph selection, I wanted to know if anyone in this mail group
    can tell me if doing a text can based on block ranges is more appropriate
    then the scan based on script ranges. It appears as I mentioned in email to
    Mark that Unicode fonts use block ranges. Can someone verify this?



    Thanks. My goal is to determine if a unicode font can print all the
    characters in a text file. I'm unsure if I should check characters based
    on range as specified in Blocks-3.2.0.txt or check characters based on
    script as specified in Scripts-3.2.0.txt. If I check the properties of a
    unicode font such as times.ttf it returns the supported unicode ranges
    such as 'Basic Latin', 'Latin 1 Supplement', 'Latin Extended A', 'Greek',
    'Cyrillic', etc. Based on this it appears that unicode fonts support the
    ranges as specified in blocks.txt. If this is true, it is a much easier
    task to scan the text to find out what ranges are covered and see if that
    matches the fonts supported ranges. Would you say that if my goal is to
    verify all UTF-16 text can be printed then I should do range checks rather
    then script checks?


        From: "Mark Davis" <>
    To: "chuck clemens" <>,<>
    Subject: Re: script detection program Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 05:28:49 -0700

    ICU doesn't have a tool specifically to do that, but it does have API
    support for that (and character conversion), so it'd be very simple
    for you to write such a tool -- just opening the file (with whatever
    conversion is required) and scanning the contents. See

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