Re: script or block detection needed for Unicode fonts

Date: Fri Sep 27 2002 - 10:05:59 EDT

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    On 09/26/2002 11:34:42 PM jameskass wrote:

    >Some apps won't display a glyph from a specified font if its corresponding
    >Unicode Ranges Supported bit in the OS/2 table isn't set. So, font
    >developers producing fonts intended to be used with such apps set the
    >corresponding bit even if only one glyph from the entire range is
    >present in the font.

    Unfortunately true. E.g., for our Yi font, we included Katakana middle dot
    as well as a handful of other CJK punctuation characters. But in order to
    make this font work in Word 2000, we had to do things like indicate that we
    support the Shift JIS codepage!

    - Peter

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