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Date: Fri Sep 27 2002 - 10:28:37 EDT

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    On 09/27/2002 06:24:35 AM "William Overington" wrote:

    >Shawn Steele wrote to the list, not directly to me,
    >began by writing...

    >Unfortunately, this is then followed by the following...

    He was only trying to be helpful, and added the kind of disclaimer one
    sometimes sees in these public fora to make sure nobody assumes that his
    comments reflect *anything*, including endorsement of any proposals or
    ideas, on the part of the company or organisation he is associated with. He
    happened to choose the word "legitimacy" where "endorsement" would probably
    have been better. I think it was obvious (at least it was to me) what his
    intent was. As for "rights", I think he's simply saying nobody can assume
    the right to expect anything in particular of Microsoft as a result of his
    comments. Again, I think it was clear what his intent was. I don't think
    his disclaimer needed a careful exegesis.

    - Peter

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