Re: Comma below, cedilla, and Gagauz

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Date: Mon Sep 30 2002 - 10:03:54 EDT

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    On 2002.09.26, 16:10, Robert Lloyd Wheelock <> wrote:

    > The proper encoding of those letters is with *cedilla* (yup—the French
    > kind. . .); thus, c-cedilla, g-cedilla, s-cedilla, t-cedilla, and so
    > on!

    I tend to agree with you, especially since I'm a native speaker (and
    reader) of a language whose orthography incudes a quite unconspicuous
    c-cedilla -- and I know quite well how in Portuguese (and also in
    French) c-comma is (or actually used to be) the "poor relative" of the
    typographically correct c-cedilla, both being, of course, semantically

    However, and though I suspect that the Turkish / Romanian / Gagauz
    problem with cedillas vs. commas-bellow in "t", "c" and "s" stemms form
    the same situation (poor typographical resources in Romania), I'm sure
    Michael Everson and the others have studied the case much more deeply
    than I and therefore the situation might not be *that* simple.

    (If you say that the Unicode name "x-cedilla" should really always have
    an "associated reference glyph" showing a cedilla, remember that the
    Unicode name of 1930-1940 Kyrghyz letter "gh" is actuall "io", and weep
    -- and weep more since Unicode names, however incorrect, are strangely

    P.S.: And why is the english name "cedilla", an unequivocably spanish
    word, when there's no cedillas in Spanish? (OTOH, Spanish-speaking
    people call "tilde" the acute accent mark, while the thing they put on
    top of some "n"s lack a vernacular name...)

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