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Date: Mon Sep 30 2002 - 13:56:15 EDT

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    Subject: The Currency Symbol of China

    > So, my questions are:
    > 1. Do you know which symbol is declared as the standard by Chinese
    official authorities ?

    Presumably U+FFE5 (fullwidth/全角) or U+00A5 (halfwidth/半角), if any.

    > 2. In China, the currency is called "Renminbi Yuan", why is it not
    included in Unicode
    > standard ? Instead of it, "Yen" is being used which is the name of
    Japanese currency.
    > Does Chinese authorities agree to use the same currency symbol as Japan ?

    I would guess that most people agree that the same character be used for
    both 元 and 円. After all, that's the code point Chinese fonts use for 元. If
    the Chinese authorities do, however, I don't know.


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