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From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Tue Oct 01 2002 - 12:17:15 EDT

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    > - the yen currency began in 1871

    And written as such since 1871 in French accord to my Dictionnaire
    historique de la langue française which writes « est l'adaptation (1871)
    d'un mot japonais dont la transcription normale serait èn, lui-même du
    chinois yüan « rond, cercle » et aussi « dollar » (en tant que monnaie
    ronde). »

    > - there are many foreign languages that have common words with the same
    > spelling as "en", so there was a need to avoid this. French and Spanish
    > has an "en" meaning "inside (something)"

    True even though French could use an accent (as in sample above) to
    disambiguate (en is a single nasal sound, èn is not). I'm not sure that the
    French and Spanish had much influence on the transcription of Japanese
    (English, Dutch or Portuguese maybe).

    > and Dutch has an "en" meaning
    > "and then". [I really do not know. I am just repeating what it says
    > there.]

    In Dutch « en » simply means « and » (or « both .... and »); there is no
    more a connation of « then » than in English.

    P. Andries

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