Re: FW: "MR" in superscript - Spanish translation for "TM"

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Date: Fri Oct 11 2002 - 00:43:50 EDT

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    Doug Ewell wrote:

    > Second, in trying to answer Cristina's question, some of us fell into
    > the trap once again of assuming that all text is fancy text, or can be
    > shoehorned into a fancy-text model. This is simply not true. Not every
    > text problem can be solved with markup, nor should it. A superscripted
    > MR is not the same as an unsuperscripted MR "except for presentation
    > formatting." At the least, we should ask before assuming that the text
    > in question is HTML or XML.

    Naahhh. Given that superscript-MR is not in Unicode, and that
    superscript is easily done in markup, and without any other context, it
    was a reasonable suggestion, and if it doesn't apply, the questioner can
    come back for more, as happened. Markup wasn't suggested as the only
    solution just a way to go.
    Asking, would have potentially delayed things. And now here we are with
    nothing better than the suggestion to use the registration symbol


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