New Charakter Proposal

From: Dominikus Scherkl (
Date: Wed Oct 30 2002 - 06:49:04 EST

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    I would like to have a "source failure indicator symbol" (SFIS)
    charakter in the unicode, which a charset-convertion unit may
    insert into a text (Suggeested position: U+FFF8).

    several charsets have undefined codepoints which were
    defined in a former or later version (eg. overlong
    UTF-8 encodings or the $ symbol (0x24) in the INVARIANT

    A converter can replace such symbols by U+FFFD (which is
    correct but loses the information), or simply use the
    charakter which most likely is intended (which hides the error).
    Both is not very good.

    The SFIS would allow the reader to see that an error occured
    and therefore the following charakter may be incorrect, but
    maintain the readability if the right conversion is made anyway
    (or at least give a hint which charakter may be intended -
    eg. the $ sign could have been any other currency symbol
    if a national 7-bit charset was changed to INVARIANT by
    previous conversions).

    Of course a converter can still use U+FFFD if it has no
    idea which character is intended or if unicode doesn't contain
    the character.

    The whole "charakter identities"-discussion gave me another
    reason to introduce such a SFIS-charakter:
    A font-renderer may show the SFIS before a charakter which
    is replaced by another one because the correct one is not
    contained in the font (eg. it may render an "a with
    superscript e above" by SFIS + "a umlaut" to indcate the
    error and show an probably fitting replacement, which is
    much better than to show an empty square).
    In short words:
    The SFIS may indicate a kind of compatibility-decomposition
    of the following charakter.
    (this is not nessessarily the standard compatibility-decomposition).

    I'd like to hear if my suggestion is completely weird or
    if anybody else think it might be useful.

    Best Regards.

    Dominikus Scherkl

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