RE: Character identities

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Wed Oct 30 2002 - 12:19:47 EST

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    Alain LaBontť wrote:
    > [Alain] However I agree with Kent. Let's say a text
    > identified as German quotes a French word with an
    > U DIAERESIS *in the German text* (a word like
    > "capharnaŁm").

    A Fraktur font designed solely for German should not be used for typesetting
    French words. (And, BTW, that is probably why German Fraktur books used
    roman type for foreign words).

    In general, you cannot expect a good result using a font designed for one
    language to typeset another: see, in the attached image, what your
    "capharnaŁm" looks like in a font designed for Chinese. Nice typography, eh?
    That "Ł" is so weird because it is designed to be used in conjunction with
    the full width letters in U+FF41..U+FF5A, which is perhaps the right choice
    for Chinese, but not for French.

    _ Marco


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