Re: Localized names of character ranges

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Mon Dec 02 2002 - 07:38:46 EST

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    Lukas Pietsch wrote:

    > I just wondered if anybody at Microsoft has noticed that the names of
    > the Unicode ranges used in German localized editions of MS Office are
    > woefully inadequately translated.

    Disgustingly translated.


    > I'm referring to
    > the names as they are used in the Insert-Symbol dialog.


    > Just to be constructive, here's my suggestions for a better translation:
    > "Spacing modifier letters" = "Nichtkombinierende Diakritika" (I know
    > it's not very precise, but I couldn't come up with anything better)
    > "Combining diacritical marks" = "Kombinierende Diakritika"
    > "Combining marks for symbols" = "Kombinierende Symbolzusätze"
    > "Alphabetic presentation forms" = "Alphabetische Präsentationsformen"
    > "Arabic presentation forms" = "Arabische Präsentationsformen"
    > "Georgian" = "Georgisch"

    And while we are at it:
    - "Mathematical Operators" translates to "Mathematische Operatorzeichen",
       or "Mathematische Operatoren", but not to "Mathematische Operanden"
    - "Control Pictures" translates to "Lesbare Darstellung von Steuerzeichen"
       rather than "Steuergrafiken"
    - For "Enclosed Alphanumerics", "Umrahmte Ziffern und Buchstaben" probably
       is more comprehensable than "Eingebettete alphanumerische Zeichen"
    - For "Box drawing", "Linienelemente" would be better than "Linienzeichen",
       likewise "Blockgrafikzeichen" should be replaced with
       in my own writing, I usually unite these glyphs under the heading of
       "Semigraphik", but I really do not know how comprehensable this term is
       to other people
    - "Geometric Shapes" translates to "Geometrische Formen" rather than
       "Geometrische Muster" (the latter are patterns, i. e. repeated forms)
    - "Miscellaneous Symbols" translates to "Verschiedene Symbole", rather
       than "Verschiedene graphische Symbole"
    - "Graphische Symbole" for "Dingbats" is very badly chosen; I'd like to
       suggest "Typographische Schmuckzeichen", or simply "Schmuckzeichen"
    - "CJK symbols and punctuation" is not localized in Word 97 [de]; it could
       be translated to read "CJK-Satz- und -Sonderzeichen"
    - Neither has "CJK Unified Ideographs" been localized; I'd suggest:
       "Chinesische, japanische und koreanische (CJK) Ideogramme"

    Best wishes,
       Otto Stolz

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