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Date: Tue Dec 03 2002 - 22:47:53 EST

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    I came across 'Where is my character?' page and read that there is a
    combination of keystrokes to represent the Indic half forms, such as KA
    and Halant combines to form half KA. Also there is a list of other
    letter representation through combination of Devanagari letters.

    Please email me the list for my ready reference.

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    Vipul Garg scripsit:

    > I have downloaded your font chart for Devanagari, which is in the
    > from 0900 to 097F. I have also installed the Arial Unicode font
    > by Microsoft office XP suite. I found that not all characters are
    > available for Devanagari. For example letters such as Aadha KA, Aadha
    > KHA, Aadha GA etc. are not available.

    This is not a Unicode problem.

    Arial Unicode is not designed to handle Indic scripts; it does not
    contain the necessary ligatures and half forms. You need to use a
    more suitable font.

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