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    The text should contain something like the following:

    Writing systems are not limited to characters from a single script; they may
    use characters with several different script values. For example, the
    Japanese writing system uses characters from the Han, Katakana, and Hiragana
    scripts; many languages principally written with the Cyrillic alphabet may
    use additional characters from the Latin script. With a given writing
    system, it may also be common to use characters outside of the principal
    scripts -- or unusual combinations of base characters and accents -- for
    cases such as foreign words, archaic words, technical symbols, or dictionary

    Whatever their script property values, characters with general categories of
    Mn and Me should also inherit their script from their base character. The
    nominal script property value for these characters may be different from
    INHERITED in cases where the best interpretation of that character in
    isolation would be a specific script. Differences in script should not be
    seen as justification for not rendering particular combinations of base
    letter and non-spacing marks. The choice of which combinations of base
    letters and accents should be given the best rendering should depend the
    supported writing systems, and take into account the above factors. For
    general support of arbitrary combinations of base characters and accents,
    mechanisms can be used such as those described in UTN #2

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    > Mark Davis <mark dot davis at jtcsv dot com> wrote:
    > > That is incorrect; all non-spacing marks should inherit the script
    > > of their base character. We need to make this clear in
    > > for Unicode 4.0
    > Not only that, you need to change the data file "Scripts.txt" to group
    > all characters with general category Mn under the script name INHERITED.
    > A possible replacement for Scripts.txt that implements this is available
    > at:
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