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Date: Thu Dec 19 2002 - 08:47:23 EST

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    At 23:23 -0800 2002-12-18, Doug Ewell wrote:
    >I just noticed, in the WG2 character charts for Amendment 2 of Part 1,
    >that U+1D25 is called LATIN LETTER AIN but U+1D5C is MODIFIER LETTER
    >SMALL AIN. Where did the word SMALL come from?

    Oh, I probably pasted it in when making the names list.

    >All the other modifier letters are called CAPITAL or SMALL (or both)
    >to denote the case of the underlying letter, not to point out that a
    >modifier letter is smaller than a normal letter.


    >If U+1D25 is to be LATIN LETTER AIN -- not CAPITAL or SMALL -- then a
    >more consistent name for U+1D5C would be MODIFIER LETTER AIN.

    You should have made that comment through your L2 before the last
    ballot closed. It is too late to change this. Sorry.

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