Re: Country names in native script

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 09:44:26 EST

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    > "Fuerstentum Liechtenstein" may be also written as "Fürstentum
    > Liechtenstein", of course. I'm not sure, but I think Luxembourg should be
    > "Lëtzeburg".
    Thanks, that's correct -- I have that on the "glass" page already. This
    new project only came into my head last night so I have added just a few
    native-script names so far.

    > > Also, back on the "I can eat glass" page I started a new section near the
    > > bottom for "quick brown fox..." phrases for different languages, that show
    > > all the characters (or all the "special" characters) of a language.
    > Thanks to Windows, "Franz jagt im komplett verwahrlosten Taxi quer durch
    > Bayern" is most common in Germany, although it excludes umlauts and eszett.
    Thank you; I made a note of this.

    > Oechtringen seems to be about 20 km from my home village--yet I can't
    > remember having heard of it (it seems to be pretty small), but it definitely
    > does *not* have an O-acute, because I'd remember /that/. (We do have a small
    > village called "Klein London" nearby.)
    Well, it's either an anomoly or a mistake -- and in Germany, a mistake is
    almost as unusual :-) Anyway, I made a note of this too, in hopes that
    somebody will find conclusive evidence one way or the other.

    > It's in eastern Lower Saxony, far away from France. In case someone guessed,
    > it could be Slavonic: that's more east (Wendland) and there're no
    > Ó-villages either.
    Do you know anybody who could write the "I can eat glass" sentence in Wendish?

    > >
    > Please warn the next time before posting a link to a 2.8 MB JPEG.
    Oops, sorry :-)

    > > My initial theory is that maybe it's a contraction for Ober-Echtringen?
    > No, such names don't exist in northern Germany.
    Oh right, it's flat up there. I should know this from reading
    Der Schimmelreiter in school :-)

    - Frank

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