unicode for Japanese/Chinese web sites w/forms

From: Eric (nychi@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 13:31:50 EST

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    I'm throwing this request out to the unicode
    community. Maybe someone can help???

    I'm working on an international art project that
    incorporates the web and real time activities which I
    will be launching in five cities this spring: San
    Francisco, Mexico City, Paris, Tokyo and Beijing. I'm
    developing web sites in the languages native to these
    five cities and have encountered programming
    difficulties with the Chinese and Japanese versions
    since my current programmers are unfamiliar with
    Unicode. The sites utilize forms and my current
    programmers cannot code these two sites for form
    uploads with Japanese and Chinese text.

    We are six months into the project with the Chinese
    and Japanese translations done, html templates have
    been made, all we need is a programmer/s who can
    assist in the coding of these two sites. I have had no
    luck in finding a programmer who can help. Everyone
    working on this project is doing it on their own time
    for free since the project is about the negative
    effect commerce has on creativity: this is kinda a
    Napster for the arts.

    I know this is a long shot, but I'm curious if anyone
    may have any leads on someone who may be interested in
    helping us out? We also have a sponsor page where we
    give visibility to those who have helped us. Due to
    the scope of this project, it is excellent visibility
    for individuals or companies.

    Below is a link to the current English and Spanish
    versions. French will be online in a week or two. Keep
    in mind this is a beta version and is not public per


    Thanks so much,
    Eric Haeberli

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