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Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 16:44:45 EST

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    John Hudson recently said:

    > At 12:29 PM 1/16/2003, Timothy Partridge wrote:
    > >Charles Trice Martin wrote "The Record Interpreter" which lists words in
    > >record type and their expansion. The 2nd Edition (1910) has been reprinted
    > >many times. The 1999 reprint is a facsimile of the 1910 edition, rather than
    > >being re-typeset.
    > The other standard text, which has the added benefit of being more
    > international than _The Record Interpreter_, is Cappelli's _Lexicon
    > abbreviaturarum_ . [snip]

    The abbreviated text in Cappelli is mostly handwritten (though in the
    introductory bits he does use 9 for a con sign and 2 for a round r!). I
    mentioned Martin because the abbreviation symbols are typeset.

    One challenge for representing abbreviations in plain text (as opposed to
    fancy) is the use of superscripts to represent "some letters including this
    one have been omitted here". Meaning is lost without the superscripts.


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