RE: Country names in native script

From: Dominikus Scherkl (
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 10:26:04 EST

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    > But if you were to pronounce o-e distnictly (which I don't
    > think is the case here), you'd use the e-trťma sign:

    Yes, this is also used to separate e-u (which else is pronounced
    "oi" in german). But it occures only in some old names like
    "MathŽus" or "AmadŽus" - and is almost omitted because the
    letter is missing on (most) german typewriters / keyboards.

    And the acute in your example doesn't even look like a typo
    - more like a nose (too much ink), because it isn't quite in
    the right position.

    Dominikus Scherkl

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