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From: Tex Texin (
Date: Fri Jan 24 2003 - 01:45:12 EST

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    Frank, feel free to take the country names out of my Unicode example
    Already in UTF-8 for you.

    Nice postal page. How come I hadn't heard of it before?
    I'll add it to my guidelines page.

    Frank da Cruz wrote:
    > Hi all. In the spirit of "I can eat glass", but more usefully, I took a few
    > minutes to convert my international postal addresses page to UTF-8:
    > and added some Greek and Cyrillic to Appendix II (the table of country
    > names). Anybody who would like to send me more names in native script, I'll
    > be happy to add them (with credit, of course). Corrections welcome too.
    > Also, back on the "I can eat glass" page I started a new section near the
    > bottom for "quick brown fox..." phrases for different languages, that show
    > all the characters (or all the "special" characters) of a language. I have
    > only a handful so far, some of them made up, others in actual use (e.g. in
    > Sweden, Hungary). These were traditionally used in typewriter instruction,
    > and more recently for testing software, fonts, keyboard input methods, etc,
    > for suitability to a particular language. Contributions in this area would
    > also be most welcome.
    > By the way, the German phrase is mine. I seem to have discovered a German
    > word (the name of a town, Óechtringen) that has an acute accent. It's
    > listed in the Postleitzahlenbuch:
    > I don't know if it's a mistake or what, but it's definitely a curiosity!
    > My initial theory is that maybe it's a contraction for Ober-Echtringen?
    > - Frank

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