Unicode keyboard layouts oddity in OS X 10.2.4

From: Kino (quinon@rio.odn.ne.jp)
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 08:34:11 EST

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    I have created several Unicode keyboard layouts for OS X 10.2.x which
    are available at
    Usually I have activated two of them: LatinTL and ArabicQWERTY.

    After updating to OS X 10.2.4, Unicode keyboard layouts checked in
    Input Menu tag of Internet Preferences do not stick anymore. I.e. with
    each restart, they vanish from Flag menu and become unchecked in Input

    My settings in Input Menu tag of Internet Preferences have not always
    been retained even before 10.2.4. Sometimes one of checked keyboard
    layouts vanished or was replaced with another, e.g. my ArabicQWERTY
    replaced with Apple's Arabic. But these glitches were not always
    reproductible at least with 10.2.1-10.2.3.

    Now, even common keyboard layouts such as Unicode Hex Input do not seem
    to stick. I have not tested extensively with Apple keyboard layouts

    Of course, I suspected my system installation. So I clean installed OS
    X 10.2 on another partition and created a new user. I have not tested
    with each updater, but OS X 10.2.1 retains Unicode keyboard layouts I
    have chosen whereas 10.2.4 does not.

    Is this a bug? Or something is wrong with my keyboard layouts?

    Yusuke Kinoshita

    Yusuke Kinoshita

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