Re: Wrong Charakter Categories (was: Hot Beverage font)

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 14:05:13 EST

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    At 12:57 PM 2/19/03 +0100, Dominikus Scherkl wrote:
    > > But why is the Hot Beverage character listed under the
    > > heading "Weather Symbol" in the Miscellaneous Symbols
    > > code chart ?
    >This is by far not the only place where the category in
    >the character description is simply wrong - or gone wrong
    >by the introduction of new characters which doesn't fit.

    If you have issues with the Unicode BETA charts that you would like to see
    addressed, please follow the instructions on about providing beta feedback.
    Nobody monitors this list for the purpose of extracting feedback buried in
    the general discussions.

    >Especially in the charts which already were pretty full
    >new characters often have no place under the category
    >they would fit - the charts become more and mor mixed up.
    >(e.g. the new arabic presentation form is no currency symbol)
    >I knew, there is no way to avoid this (nothing worse than
    >an re-ordering can be done to an ongoing standard), but
    >the category-names can (and I think should) be reviced.

    In fact, they will be. The names list file that was used for the beta code
    chart was machine-merged from the Unicode 3.2 nameslist plus the list of
    proposed new characters. The tool does a good job merging blocks and
    characters (since they have a code position or range that gives them a
    fixec location in the list), but category headers and general comments (the
    ones in italics in the list) don't always get merged correctly, or the fact
    that the new characters interrupt an existing category is not apparent when
    we work with the list of proposed characters.

    The final nameslist will be machine-merged from a different source of data.
    It will take the character codes, names and decompositions from the
    Unidata.txt file in the Unicode Character Datatabase, and all the other
    information from an 'annotation' file, from which the correct annotations
    will be inserted into the nameslist at the correct place.

    In the process of preparing the annotation file we review the information
    and add subheaders and comments and make other changes. To see the best
    available state of the nameslist, look at where
    'xxxx' are some letters that change with each beta draft level. [I just
    looked, the new file is not there yet, but will be in a few days.]

    That file is the plain text file that drives the charts generator. If you
    see headers still missing in that file when it comes out, you might want to
    send an official beta comment and we'll fix it. [We will not republish the
    PDF beta charts before they are final, since that's a very time consuming

    Asmus Freytag
    Technical Vice President
    The Unicode Consortium

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