Re: Unicode and Encoding Problems in Browsers

From: Muhammad Asif (
Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 08:32:39 EST

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    Chris thx for yr reply.
    well, i have a letter that i wrote as label of text box and its very fine
    in IE, now i type same letter in text box but it appear as rectangle? And
    when i save the data submitted from form into database and retrieve it back
    its appearing very fine as label(though it was displayed as rectangle ).
    Problem is just when i type in text box? As you said this seems to be
    problem with font but why it appears correct as label then?

    Also i am using MS San Sarif which is mentioned on XP site to support
    Arabic/Urdu characters.


    >Glyphs appearing as rectangles usually means that the font being used to
    >display the document does not contain the glyphs to display those
    >characters (- or sometimes that there are errors in the glyph outlines
    >which can prevent them from being properly rendered on some systems).
    >This problem will often occur if the character set being used to display
    >the web page is wrong (misinterpreted by the browser) - since the font may
    >not contain glyphs for *that* character set. When a glyph outline for a
    >particular character is not present in a font then the "default glyph"
    >defined in that font (usually an empty rectangle) is displayed for that
    >An OpenType font should contain glyphs for the nominal forms of all the
    >Unicode characters it supports - and these nominal glyph forms should be
    >mapped directly to the corresponding Unicode codepoints. Thus, even
    >without Uniscribe, the nominal glyphs for those characters should be
    >displayed by the basic font rendering system - though you won't get any of
    >the contextual shaping relying on OpenType lookups which under Windows are
    >handled by Uniscribe.
    >- Chris

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