Re: UTF-8 Editors? (Was XML and tags)

From: Jungshik Shin (
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 19:38:04 EST

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    Edward H Trager wrote:

    >I tried "vim"
    >( under "mlterm" ( and it seems
    >to bungle most UTF-8 strings. The problem seems to be with "vim", because
    >a simple "cat" of UTF-8 files under "mlterm" works perfectly (This was
      That does not necessarily mean that it's vim that's to blame because
    a simple 'cat' is too simple an operation to test the capability of a
    emulator. (not that 'mlterm' is to blame but that there could be other

    >vim v. 6.0av BETA which came with a Linux distribution and seems to have
    >been compiled with a lot of internationalization stuff turned on)
     Have you tried a more recent version of vim(6.1)? Vim works very well for
    UTF-8 editing under xterm (use xterm-16x or 17x available at
    Unless you need to edit RTL text or text in Indic scripts, xterm+vim 6.1
    UTF-8 locale should be a good choice if you're a vi user. The combination
     supports up to two combining characters and enables you to edit
    Latin/Greek/Cyrillic letters with diacritics, Thai and Hangul Jamos. I
    always use it to edit
    virtually all files(UTF-8 or not)

    > I'd be interested in knowing what other
    > people use on the major platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)?

      There's also an 'extension' for UTF-8 to Emacs21.
    > Does
    > anybody have a good web page summarizing this area?

      For Linux (and other Unix-like OS), see

    Jungshik Shin

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