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From: David Starner (
Date: Fri Mar 28 2003 - 16:59:03 EST

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    On Thu, Mar 27, 2003 at 10:00:30AM -0600, wrote:
    > For modern use, perhaps the tz could be represented just
    > as such, "tz", perhaps rendered with a ligature. Perhaps, though, it could
    > be argued that this should be encoded as a distinct (non-decomposible)
    > digraph character, comparable to U+02AB LATIN SMALL LETTER LZ DIGRAPH.

    Looking at my source more closely, I find only one other example of the
    tz ligature in the text. But I do find, in the vocabulary and
    index, words starting with tz are sorting after quatrillo con coma (it
    goes z, tresillo, quatrillo, quatrillo con coma, tz). So even for this
    text, a tz ligature is marginal. (If Unicode encodes the tresillo and
    quatrillo, and I transcribe this text, I may toss a ZWJ between the
    ligatured tz's. But I'm afraid that this will show up as an unknown
    character on some systems.)

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