letters with palatal hook

From: Peter_Constable@sil.org
Date: Wed Apr 02 2003 - 00:07:52 EST

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    On a few occasions in the past there has been discussion of typeforms
    involving a base character modified by some appendage that is connected,
    and it has been commented that generally it is preferable for these to be
    encoded as atomic characters rather than as base + combining mark
    combinations. I have a recollection of this being stated specifically in
    relation to characters with palatal hooks (and it should be noted that the
    one existing character with a palatal hook, 01A5 LATIN SMALL LETTER T WITH
    PALATAL HOOK, does not have a decomposition).

    I have obtained samples showing the use of all of the following in phonetic

    b-palatal hook
    d-palatal hook
    f-palatal hook
    g-palatal hook
    k-palatal hook
    l-palatal hook
    m-palatal hook
    n-palatal hook
    p-palatal hook
    r-palatal hook
    s-palatal hook
    esh-palatal hook
    t-palatal hook (01A5)
    v-palatal hook
    x-palatal hook
    z-palatal hook

    (The z-palatal hook is also used orthographically for the Dazaga language
    of Niger, and an uppercase counterpart can be assumed also to be needed.)

    I am planning to prepare a proposal for adding all of these to Unicode
    (except, of course, t-palatal hook). I'm wondering if anyone has any
    comments (e.g. knows of and can provide samples of other palatal-hook

    - Peter

    Peter Constable

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