Re: Exciting new software release!

From: Stefan Persson (
Date: Thu Apr 03 2003 - 13:01:15 EST

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    Doug Ewell wrote:

    >Just as users should not fling Plane 14 language tags around in plain
    >text, they also should not use Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols to
    >create bold, italic, or double-struck effects in plain text. In case
    >this is not clear, the user interface and operability of MathText is
    >very real, but its intended use is a COMPLETE JOKE. Ha ha! April Fool!
    >Please download MathText and get a good laugh -- or use it to test your
    >font, as one person told me he would -- but please, please don't misuse
    Well, let's say that I make a plain text document and include a
    mathematical formula or funtion such as "cos x", it would still be legal
    to use an italic "x" from the mathematical block, wouldn't it? This is
    what those characters are intended for, right?


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