Re: ogonek vs. retroflex hook

Date: Thu Apr 03 2003 - 13:18:26 EST

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    The attached sample from IJAL shows what is typographically a retroflex
    hook being used to indicate nasalisation. I've been in touch with the
    out-going editor, and he indicated that he had thought they were using

    I've looked back in IJAL a little, and it appears that between 1991 and
    1993 there was a change in typeface. Both before and after, a Times-like
    face was used, but there are discernable differences. Apparently, the newer
    face provided a retroflex hook glyph but not an ogonek glyph (or glyphs for
    atomic vowel+ogonek combinations).

    As I said earlier, though, IJAL wasn't the only source in which I saw
    retroflex hook being used to indicate nasals: in my notes, I recorded
    having seen this also in a book published by Blackwell (I think). I need to
    head back to the library to look for this book again.

    (See attached file: RetroflexHooks.png)

    - Peter

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