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Date: Thu Apr 03 2003 - 15:48:58 EST

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    At 05:42 AM 4/3/2003, Edward C. D. Hopkins wrote:

    >I am a new list member interested in implementing archaic, classical and
    >Hellenistic Greek glyphs in a Unicode font. My initial questions will be
    >focused on handling multiple alternate glyphs for each character, and how
    >to organize a font with several thousand Hellenistic monograms.
    >Is this the appropriate discussion list? If not, I'd appreciate a pointer.

    It is not an inappropriate list; however, you may get better mileage from
    the OpenType developer communities, in particular the OT list and the VOLT
    user community. For information on these, see:


    For the OpenType specification and related developer documents, see:


    If you are unfamiliar with OpenType, this is a good place to start:


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