Re: Hindi text display on web page

From: djinn (
Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 10:31:19 EDT

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    Here are the instructions I have posted to help end users can "see" non-Latin
    characters: ('Simple' might not
    be a word you would apply to the instructions although that was my goal.) I
    don't have time now, but depending on what others more knowledgable than I post
    for you, I might have something to add later today.

    Hassan wrote:

    > Hello,
    > I would like to display text in Hindi on the web page, but I don't know how
    > to do it,
    > what are the steps involved and what software I need to use? what the end
    > user have to have and so on.
    > I want some simple solution which doesn't trouble the end user and display
    > the Hindi text successfully.
    > please kindly guide me on this ASAP.
    > Thank you very much.
    > Hassan Ali.

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