RE: how to sort by stroke (not radical/stroke)

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Thu May 15 2003 - 07:54:54 EDT

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    Andrew C. West wrote:
    > [...]
    > I'm not sure that's what he wants either. In dictionaries
    > that give a Stroke Order index, strokes are usually
    > sub-sorted by the stroke category of the first
    > one or two strokes of the character.

    I doubt that this would be sufficient in all cases. The radical are often
    the first (left, top) component of a character, and most radicals have many
    more than two strokes. So, considering only the first two strokes of each
    character, would result in big groups of characters being sorted randomly
    (i.e., all those character whose radical is bigger than two strokes and
    whose residual stroke count is the same).

    > [...]
    > Coincidentally I've recently been in contact with someone who
    > has spent the last ten years creating a database of CJK
    > ideographs,
    > [...]
    > first two strokes of each character). The main problem with
    > ideographic decompositions is that not all discrete
    > ideographic components are [currently] encoded within Unicode
    > - there are about 100 unencoded ideographic components
    > according to this person.

    Does this also include the (relatively new) "CJK components" block? If yes,
    it might be worth filling in a proposal to add those components, in order to
    complete the IDS sub-system.

    _ Marco

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