RE: how to sort by stroke (not radical/stroke)

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Thu May 15 2003 - 09:00:09 EDT

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    Gary P. Grosso wrote on the Unicode List:
    > Hi unicoders,
    > The desire is expressed as:
    > Using Radical/Stroke method will first group the indexes
    > by radical,
    > and then stroke. Stroke method only groups indexes by strokes of
    > Chinese word. Since Stroke method is much easier to look up, it has
    > become the most popular sorting method in Traditional Chinese.
    > Radical/Stroke method is acceptable but it's not a usual
    > practice in
    > Traditional Chinese.
    > The view from development is:
    > Our radical/stroke sort relies on the fact that unicode
    > order is the
    > same as radical/stroke order. Stroke order, then, is something
    > different. Seems like we would need order entries in the
    > config data
    > for every character, which would be totally unmanageable.
    > I didn't have any luck searching the Unicode web site for information
    > about sorting by stroke.
    > Does anyone have any experience with this, or pointers to information?
    > Thanks,
    > Gary
    > ---
    > Gary Grosso
    > Arbortext, Inc.
    > Ann Arbor, MI, USA

    I recall now about a database of strokes. It is part of JavaDict by Todd
    David Rudick, which it is distributed under the GPL license.

    Currently, it only covers the Japanese Toyo Kanji (about 2000 characters).
    It can be downloaded from here:


    The relevant database is in text files named <unistrok.*>. The file format
    is explained in the online documentation.

    _ Marco

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