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From: William Overington (
Date: Fri May 30 2003 - 04:20:51 EDT

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    Now that Mark Davis has made a statement in the Unicode mailing forum which
    seems to imply that the Unicode Consortium is to consider feedback on these
    logos, I am writing to ask a few questions please.

    1. I tried out the validation procedure on the following page.

    This is a not too lengthy web page with just Basic Latin letters. It will
    not validate. It is not clear to me what I need to add to the page to get
    it to validate. Could there be some very short guidance notes please so
    that people can try for validation for Unicode Savvy validation easily. For
    example, suggesting the one or two lines of HTML which need to be added in
    various circumstances.

    2.. What is the situation if a page is encoded entirely properly as far as,
    say, using UTF-8 goes, yet also uses Private Use Area characters?

    Could there be a special version of the logo with a square section in a
    contrasting colour scheme attached contiguously on the right hand side with
    PUA on it or even in words "contains Private Use Area code points".

    For example, a page could have characters from the Phaistos Disc Script
    using the coding scheme from the ConScript Unicode Registry for the Phaistos
    Disc Script and one of the fonts which supports that encoding would need to
    be used.

    For example, a page could have a chess diagram using the code point
    encodings described in the following page.

    If a web page which includes chess diagrams had a Unicode Savvy logo with a
    PUA chunk on it, then maybe I could have a "Quest text font will display
    this page" logo next to it or below it with a link to the following page.

    3. I am concerned about the use of the word savvy, which sounds a bit like
    slang to me, and very American oriented. It seems to go against the very
    essence of what Unicode is about regarding encoding all of the languages of
    the world. If the phrase is seen as an embarrassment then many people may
    simply shun it without even telling you. The prospect exists of long
    campaigns, maybe one every year, to encourage people to use the Unicode
    Savvy logo, aimed at informing people and so on, when in fact they are
    already well-aware of the logo and are just shunning it without telling you
    that directly.

    4. Having recently been told quite strongly by several of the
    non-Sarasvati-but-act-like-they-are-without-a-mandate people on the Unicode
    mailing list that I should not post a list of Private Use Area encodings, I
    now find that several people have decided to post designs for a logo into
    the mailing list. Now, I don't mind this, I like a lively discussion group
    with things to know about and follow up, and if some of the things are of no
    interest to me, well, so what, it's part of being on a list. What is the
    situation please? If logo designs are welcome then I feel that that should
    be made clear so that people who might not post one because they are not
    sure of whether doing so is proper may know that they are welcome to post
    one if they wish. Otherwise the Unicode Consortium might consider only some
    of the designs which could be available and that would be unfair to those of
    us who might quite like to put a design forward yet have wondered whether
    posting one in the list is allowed. Should the whole issue of the wording
    and the logo design become part of the Public Review series of items?

    I wonder if Sarasvati herself, not one or more of the
    non-Sarasvati-but-act-like-they-are-without-a-mandate people, could please
    make a formal ruling on whether it is permitted to post a list of Private
    Use Area encodings to the list and thus record them in the archives. I feel
    that it is quite wrong that the
    non-Sarasvati-but-act-like-they-are-without-a-mandate people should be able
    to shout down progress in the application of Unicode when one of them has
    now posted a logo into the mailing list, which would seem to violate his own
    non-Sarasvati-but-act-like-they-are-without-a-mandate ruling. As I say, I
    don't mind the logo postings myself.

    William Overington

    30 May 2003

    Although posting notes about a font or Private Use Area encodings seems not
    to be acceptable to the
    non-Sarasvati-but-act-like-they-are-without-a-mandate people, it seems
    however to be fine to add short comments at the end of posts though, even if
    they are nothing at all to do with Unicode, so here goes.
    Think of a number in the range from 1 to 40.
    Multiply it by itself.
    Add 41.
    Take away the number of which you first thought.
    Check if the result is a prime number.

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