Re: Announcement: New Unicode Savvy Logo

Date: Fri May 30 2003 - 09:02:18 EDT

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    William Overington wrote on 05/30/2003 03:20:51 AM:

    > 1. I tried out the validation procedure on the following page.
    > This is a not too lengthy web page with just Basic Latin letters. It
    > not validate. It is not clear to me what I need to add to the page to
    > it to validate. Could there be some very short guidance notes please...

    Now you want the Unicode Consortium to provide user support for W3C
    protocols??!! This is utterly off topic.

    > 2.. What is the situation if a page is encoded entirely properly as far
    > say, using UTF-8 goes, yet also uses Private Use Area characters?

    So what? Do we also need a variation of the logo to indicate pages that use
    ideographic description sequences? variation selectors?

    Not necessary!

    > 4. Having recently been told quite strongly by several of the
    > non-Sarasvati-but-act-like-they-are-without-a-mandate people

    (I must admit i find that funny :-)

    Do I need a city ordinance and policeman to ask my neighbor to stop
    jack-hammering on into the night?

    - Peter

    Peter Constable

    Non-Roman Script Initiative, SIL International
    7500 W. Camp Wisdom Rd., Dallas, TX 75236, USA
    Tel: +1 972 708 7485

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