Re: [OT] No more IE for Mac

From: Edward H Trager (
Date: Sun Jun 15 2003 - 13:36:54 EDT

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    > > that how will browsers perform that are build on non-Unicode
    > based OSes?
    > But surely Mac OSX has been designed to support Unicode ??
    > How much longer will we need browsers to run in operating
    > environments that are non-Unicode based?
    > > Let us hope that this drop of support will result in a browser
    > that is
    > > specifically designed to provide good Unicode support on a
    > non-Unicode OS
    > > rather than adding Unicode support to a piece of code that was
    > designed for
    > > an OS with integrated Unicode support.

    Hmmm ... I also thought that Mac OSX *IS* a Unicode OS: That's what UTF-8
    was designed for, wasn't it? To bring Unicode to the UNIX byte-oriented
    OSes, and OSX is built around an Open Source BSD core, right? As far as
    my experience goes, OSX has very good Unicode UTF-8 support at the OS
    level, with nice fonts and beautiful rendering.

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