Re: Arabic script web site hosting solution for all platforms

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Jun 19 2003 - 15:36:37 EDT

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    Philippe Verdy said:

    > > > I can say that bulk+unsollicitated makes it
    > > > fully qualifiable as SPAM.

    And Theodore Smith countered:

    > > No. I'd say spam also needs to be untargeted.

    Also spammers don't tend to come on list, identified with
    their full names and argue the relevance of their posts,
    as Lateef Sagar has done. ;-)

    I'd say it might be best to let Sarasvati, in her wisdom,
    judge what is spam or otherwise prohibited for this list,
    and those who are interested can go discuss with Lateef
    Sagar whether his Arabic web site hosting solution works
    or whatever...


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