Re: Arabic script web site hosting solution for all platforms

From: N. R. Liwal (
Date: Thu Jun 19 2003 - 14:20:05 EDT

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    Kenneth Whistler Said;

    > I'd say it might be best to let Sarasvati, in her wisdom,
    > judge what is spam or otherwise prohibited for this list,
    > and those who are interested can go discuss with Lateef
    > Sagar whether his Arabic web site hosting solution works
    > or whatever...

    I agree with Mr. Kenneth Whistler Sarasvati will
    be the best judge about messages to the list.

    About Mr. Lateef's solution, he is using WEFT's font
    embedding technique in UTF-8, which is fine for small pages and character
    based Extended-Arabic Fonts, we have been trying this
    solution in 2001, you can see
    (sorry that Pashto is not working properly, because original *.eot file
    is deleted).

    But a page with ligature based font will take longer to load for
    the first time



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