Re: Chinese "departing" tone marks

Date: Thu Jun 19 2003 - 18:38:06 EDT

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    Ken Whistler wrote on 06/19/2003 01:35:14 PM:

    > In Bopomofo these tone marks are typeset in a separate
    > vertical line to the right of the vertical line of
    > Bopomofo. In horizontal typesetting, they are either
    > over the top of the Bopomofo or set at the upper-right
    > shoulder of the Bopomofo character representing the
    > 'final' of a syllable.
    > It is possible that they were originally designed by a
    > dyslexic based on the Chao tone letters, but no, they
    > are not really intended to be used as particular values
    > of those or as an augmentation of those tone letters. Instead,
    > as I indicated, they are used with another collection of
    > tonal diacritics for extended Bopomofo.
    > So no, they glyphs haven't been munged. But these obviously
    > need better annotation for the names list.

    That sounds, then, like these are *not* two of the left-stemmed tone
    letters (mirrors of 02E5..02E9) that I'm going to be including in a
    proposal for additional modifier characters for tone.

    - Peter

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