[ot] anyone know of a good "sending accessible emails" guideline page?

From: Ben Dougall (bend@freenet.co.uk)
Date: Thu Jun 19 2003 - 17:32:34 EDT

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    does anyone know of a simple, explanatory web page, aimed at not too
    technical people, based on sending *accessible* email, and if really
    necessary attachments and the problems related to attachments
    (specifically inaccessibly, not viruses).

    i'm looking for a nice concise web page that i can give the address to
    people who keep asking me about email attachments and reading email.
    more often than not, the problem is with the sender, so i'd like to
    find a web page that they can pass to people (who are more than likely
    not knowledgeable about computers) in the event of unreadable email and
    in particular unreadable attachments.

    very often an attachment isn't needed (like attaching a ms word
    document when emails themselves are text) and i'd like to know about a
    web page explaining that thoroughly but simply.

    anyone know of such a magical page?

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