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Date: Thu Jun 26 2003 - 12:15:34 EDT

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    > > The problem of combinations of vowels with meteg could be
    > > amenable to a similar approach. OR, one could propose just
    > > one additional meteq/silluq character, to make it possible
    > > to distinguish (in plain text) instances of left-side and
    > > right-side meteq placement, for example.
    >And the third position of meteg with hataf vowels? Introduce *two*
    >additional meteg/silluq characters?

    No, that's a glyph ligation matter however you look at it. It could be made
    to work with either just a left meteg or also with a new right meteg, and
    can be inhibited with ZWNJ. This is not to say that I think encoding a
    distinct right meteg character is the best solution, only that it doesn't
    affect the medial meteg shaping.

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