Re: Yerushala(y)im - or Biblical Hebrew

Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 09:37:21 EDT

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    Philippe Verdy wrote on 07/22/2003 09:18:35 PM:

    > If there's an agreement about what should have been the best
    > combining classes...

    Describing what would be the best combining classes can be tricky for RTL
    scripts if the canonical ordering is intended not only for purposes of
    normalization and string comparison but also as a preferred order for
    storage and editing interaction. The reason is that the combining classes
    are intentionally based on visual relative position wrt the base character,
    not logical. Arbitrarily, a LTR ordering ... < below left < below < below
    right < ... is used, meaning that combinations of marks will be sequenced
    in the opposite order to the underlying line order, and so not in the
    logical order in terms of which users will be thinking. As an example using
    Hebrew, for a combination of (say) beth with qamats and dehi, preferred
    classes according to the visual basis on which classes are defined would be

    qamats = 220
    dehi = 222

    and so you'd get an encoded sequence of < beth, qamats, dehi >. But for the
    user, the pre-positive dehi, being to the right of the qamats, would
    probably be thought of as occuring before the qamats.

    Now, I said above that the classes were based arbitrarily on a visual LTR
    order. A RTL ordering ... < below right < below < below left < ... could
    have been used, but then the same mismatch would exist for LTR scripts. So,
    the problem is not with the arbitrary choice of LTR visual ordering for the

    - Peter

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