Re: Yerushala(y)im - or Biblical Hebrew

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Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 16:32:21 EDT

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    I want to remind people that CGJ is *not* a control character. Look at
    the properties; there is a listing in:

    It is an non-spacing mark *already*. There should be no impediment at
    all to using it in a sequence of other nonspacing marks in a font. If
    the font is smart enough to be able to place multiple accents over
    characters, then the incremental work necessary to handle CGJ
    invisibly is quite small.

    And it presents a possible mechanism that can be used throughout
    Unicode, not just for Hebrew.

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    > At 06:00 PM 7/22/2003, Rick McGowan wrote:
    > >A solution with CGJ has been proposed, which is very general and
    can be
    > >applied to this and other such situations.
    > I get the impression that CGJ support is not very high on the list
    > things going to be implemented any time soon by the application
    > that matter to us. I'm not saying this is right, only that it raises
    > practical concerns about recommending this solution. Other control
    > characters that have been around longer may not pose this problem,
    but may
    > still require updates to existing Hebrew engines. I'm currently
    trying to
    > figure out what works and what does not in the existing
    > We're already recommending ZWNJ to inhibit meteg +hataf vowel
    ligation, but
    > this has problems because the control character breaks the mark
    > lookups. I've yet to determine whether this is a fault in the font
    > the shaping engine, particular apps or text services,
    > or something fundamental to the architecture.
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