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From: Patrick Andries (Patrick.Andries@xcential.com)
Date: Mon Jul 28 2003 - 11:35:00 EDT

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    > The Normans of course were frankified Norsemen.

    On their father's side apparently (well, great-grand-father's side since
    Rollon received Normandy as a fiefdom in 911 from Charles le Simple, king of
    the Franks and became one of its vassals). Most Norsemen then intermarried
    with local women.

    In any case, England was not only conquered and ruled by the Normans, it was
    also ruled by Angevins (the Plantagenêt) and a steady small stream of
    Frenchmen from Normandy and Western France settled in England. The Hundred
    Years war abrupty ended the Frenchification of England. Nearly missed being
    civilized...and speak French ;-)

    P. A.

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