Re: Display of Isolated Nonspacing Marks (was Re: Questions on ZWNBS...)

From: Noah Levitt (
Date: Sat Aug 09 2003 - 16:23:32 EDT

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    According to the docs at,
    uniscribe renders combining marks in isolation when they are
    applied to SPACE + ZWJ. (Without the ZWJ, it uses a dotted
    circle.) Perhaps this is an acceptable solution to the
    people calling for a new character.

      Combining marks and signs that appear in text not in
      conjunction with a valid consonant base are considered
      invalid. Uniscribe displays these marks using the fallback
      rendering mechanism defined in the Unicode Standard
      (section 5.12, 'Rendering Non-Spacing Marks' of the
      Unicode Standard 3.1), i.e. positioned on a dotted circle.

      Please note that to render a sign standalone (in apparent
      isolation from any base) one should apply it on a space
      (see section 2.5 'Combining Marks' of the Unicode
      Standard). Uniscribe requires a ZWJ to be placed between
      the space and a mark for them to combine into a standalone


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