RE: Questions on ZWNBS - for line initial holam plus alef

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Sun Aug 10 2003 - 11:27:19 EDT

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    > > <<Philippe-"spam" deleted...>>
    > > ----
    > > Spams de Philippe Verdy non tolérés: tout message non sollicité sera
    > > rapporté à son fournisseur de services Internet.
    > There was no spam in the message you deleted. This was a
    > single post to the list, no cross-posting, no advertizing, no
    > product sold, no money claimed, no required action, no
    > identity forged, and no deceptive subject line, the message
    > was on topic...
    > Reread the definition of spam: "bulk + unsollicitated". May
    > be you don't like my message, but reporting it to my ISP will
    > not be successful for you, and in fact you risk more by doing
    > so because my ISP could complain to yours.

    Some people just don't get sarcasm... ;-( For someone who has
    a such a sentence as yours at the end of their mails, you do
    generate quite a lot of unsolicited comments, misreading the
    contents of the messages you reply to. (Yes, that does annoy

    > If you think you don't like my message which was on topic,
    > don't reply to it, delete it, ignore it, but don't do such
    > false claim...

    Please don't go off on a limb on something that the message
    you replied to did not talk about. Please read the message first,
    and understand what it's about. Then read it again, and make
    sure you have not misread. And keep any replies at a suitable
    length. And no, I will not let you mislead readers of this list by
    not commenting on what you write. I'm not the only one
    chastising you. You may have noticed e.g. Ken do the same,
    in no subtle ways.

    You are of course welcome to participate in the discussions
    on this list. But please,

     . be careful about terminology, and about what is what,
     . don't misread, and misreply, to messages from others,
     . keep your posting at a reasonable length, concentrated
       on the issue at hand,
     . don't mislead readers by erroneous statements formulated
       as unquestionable truths,
     . (I'm sure to have missed something...).

    That way you can contribute positively to the discussion,
    while not constantly annoying or misleading people.

    Don't worry Philippe, I of course never intended to report
    you anywhere. Just trying to get you to behave a bit more

            /kent k

    > Thanks.

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